Computer Generated Water-Slide Decals
Please read the instructions on the package that comes with your printer-friendly water-slide decals...they may vary slightly from these instructions. If you cannot find decal plastic at your local office/computer supply store, I assure you that they are waiting for you on the internet. In my particular case I used Micro-Mark’s 82272 Clear Inkjet Decal Paper (5 sheets) for this project

1. The first step is to place the decal paper in the printer--shiny side is print side. I use an Epson Stylus C84 printer with archival water resistant ink. Nevertheless, I wanted to be safe rather than sorry and sprayed the dried printout with a couple of thin coats of polyurethane clear spray. Any brand spray works for me, but if your ink is finicky try Krylon® Preserve It!®. Look it up at

2. Let the spray coating dry, then contour-cut selected decals. There are at least 100 decals on my decal page, so feel free to experiment...there’s plenty left, plus you can print more!!


3. Use a little custard cup (or similar cup) and dip the decal in water. You only hold it in water for a few seconds.

4. Place decal on paper towel for approximately 60 seconds. This allows the water to moisturize the glue backing of the decal.

5. Slide the decal away from the paper backing. Use a pair of tweezers to do these steps, it makes handling so much easier than fumbling.

6. Position the decal(s) on an item. This is a white painted wood flower pot. If this pot had been natural wood or a darker color, the clear decal colors wouldn’t be as vibrant. White decals are available, but you will have to cut the contour perfectly with an X-acto knife so the uneven outline found on the clear sample wouldn’t be noticed.

7. To preserve the surface, spray a couple of light coats of a clear polyurethane.

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