Do your print-outs contain black patches where a project should be? Here are fixes that might apply to you. If this has happened to you and you discovered a fix, please write me at so I may share the correction with others. Thank you for your help.

Mac users:
From Phyllis Stonehocker, I use a MacBook Pro, so I have had this problem. When you download the file, it will save as a .pdf. However, most Mac's open with Preview instead of Adobe, which causes the images to show up black. If you open Adobe and then open the files, the images should show up correctly.

From Bonnie Childress: I don't have a direct quote from Bonnie, but she is using an iMac and has found that if she opens the file in PhotoShop and then re-saves it as a pdf once again, she finds the black patches have disappeared.

Windows users:

From Donna Rau, we reinstalled the latest version of Adobe Acrobat reader and there were no more black boxes in the printouts.

From Carolyn Loushbaugh, (for those just having trouble opening a project) My email only works in 32 bit. It won't automatically open your links in Windows 7. In order to open Paper Minis links, I have to move from 32 bit to 64 bit. 64 bit will open the links.

While in 32 bit:
- Right click on the secret gateway link
- Select "Copy Shortcut"
- Then open the 64 bit internet explorer
- Paste the copied link it into the browser/search line and hit enter. After accessing your secret gateway site, then all the links inside the secret gateway will now work.

However, if they can only access their 32 bit explorer, the links will not open. But don't despair! Here is what I had to do in order to download the free pdfs from your site while in 32 bit mode:
- Go to the link for the free pdf
- Right click on the link
- Select "Copy Shortcut"
- Paste the shortcut into the browser/search line and hit enter. The picture will come up, but without the usual pdf options. It doesn't have a save option available.
- Use your internet home page server to select "file"
- Select "save as". Select where you want to save it (it will be hiding under
your home page by this time).
- Hit "enter" to save it.