Aging Pre-Printed Paper Minis Kits

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1. This will work with pre-printed Paper Minis that are printed on matte and semi-gloss papers. This process may work on your own printed projects provided the ink and paper you use are water-resistant.

2. Use instant coffee and mix according to the ratios stamped on the photo above. Use unheated tap water and mix well.

3. Stain the item before you cut it out so it is more evenly stained and the edges are not darker than the interior piece.

4. Dip the item quickly into the coffee mix.

5. Lay item flat on a paper towel. Shake it back and forth if part of the item has more pooled coffee in one spot. You will want it evenly soaked with coffee.

6. Allow to dry thoroughly and assemble normally.


Paper Minis™ Miniatures

Burke, Virginia

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