Plate Embossing: Large and Small
The first portion of this tutorial uses the Girl Doll scale plate, but the principle works for any sized plate. Added at the end is a tutorial using 3/4" plates as the example.

The key to plate embossing is to find a medicine bottle or other lidded item with a flexible lid of an appropriate size of the inner  plate ridge of the plate you are embossing. I have been known to use a seed bead tube, cleaned lip balm casing, cut and cleaned toothpaste cap and tube and on and on.

1. Place lid on back side of plate. Guess at the center position.

If you are unsure of yourself and want a practice piece first, merely trace the good plate on plain paper and cut it out. This gives you a great practice plate.

2. Flip over and place the bottom of the bottle on the printed side of the plate.

3. Gently press the bottle down into the lid as far as possible.

4. Use your fingers to flatten the fluted edging of the plate lip. The harder you press the flatter the plate lip will become.

5. If the embossing is deeper than you would like, gently press out the plate with your fingers.
  6. The plates I design will fit a conventional circle paper punch. This photo shows the use of a 3/4" punch. Others in Paper Minis kits fit a standard 1" punch. 
  7. Here are the plates all cut. 
  8. The embossing "tool" used here is a lip balm tube. Notice the cling wrap plastic is used to seal off the greasy lip balm with the help of a rubber band. 
  9. Here are the plates embossed between  the lip balm tube and the cap. 

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