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This is a contraption I thought up for making exact folds on printies. The clamps cost under $2 each at the hardware store. I clamped a metal straight edge ruler against my work table, My life is so much easier now! See the tutorial for Ann's Tool Box, it's very helpful for learning how to efficiently make Paper Minis. You may see my Tool Box tutorial here.

Must have items for assembly:

  • X-acto knife and fresh blade
  • Small detailing scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Metal straight edge ruler
  • Small artist's paintbrush
  • Small piece of aluminum foil to use as "glue pot"
  • Fast-grab, quick-dry glue. Nicole sells a great one. White craft glue takes too long to dry and is messy. Glue stick will work, but becomes brittle and pops loose after time.
  • Clear fingernail polish
  • desk lamp
  • Cutting surface. I love my self-heal Nicole cutting pad which cost me under $10 on sale. You get a much better cut than with cardboard and your blade will last so much longer.

1. Cut out the pieces of the hatbox project. Use a blade tool to cut out the notches at the base of the box and lid pieces.

If you are unsure of yourself and want a practice piece first, merely trace the unit on plain paper before cutting pieces. Make a practice unit with the plain trace.

2. Cut slits in hat box lining. Do for lid as well.

3. Cut holes for the handles. I cut an X, then cut out each quadrant. There are a total of eight holes to cut. If you elect to use a little paper hole punch, wait until the end of assembly.

4, Fold the tabs in a perfect straight line. This is important for the neatness appearance of your finished project. Do for lid and bottom pieces

5. Fold the lining panels in a perfect straight line. Do for lid and bottom pieces.

6. Fold lining down and roll box piece tightly around cylinder like the handle of the blade tool. This gets rid of sharp creases where the little tabs meets.

7. Fold lining down and roll lid piece tightly around cylinder.

8. Use detailing scissors, and cut out circle items very carefully. Do all 4 circles.

9. Apply glue to side tab of the box.

10. Press tab against inside blank surface of box. line-up perfectly and press tightly for a good bond. Allow to dry.

11.  Repeat steps 9 and 10 for lid piece.

12. Apply glue to 1st lining panel at side seam. Fold down as straight as possible and press for a flat bond. Use tweezers and pinch top edge for thin fold. Work your way around box.

13. Repeat for lid piece. Note: Handles holes have not been punched on the tutorial box, because I am going to use a small hole puncher when I'm done.

14. Here is how the hat box should look at this point. Flatten tabs against table surface for perfect 90 degree angle.

15. Place glue to tab at the back side seam of box bottom.

2013 update: I have found that putting the inner disc inside the box and lid first works best. It gives the box a nice round shape. Then following the steps below. See step 22.

16. Line up edge of box bottom to edge of tab. Kind of form box to perfect circle and line up circle. Allow do dry before continuing.

17. Repeat step 16 on the box lid. See step 18.

18. Here is how the lid should line up. The label on the top should have the holes lined up on either side.

19. Place a rim of glue to the blank surface of the lid. Carefully work your way around the rim adhering tabs to lid. You may want to put glue on a short length and do this step in stages.

20. Here is how it will look when you are done. with step 19.

21. Repeat steps 19 and 20 for the lid.

22. Next, size the lining for the inner circles. If there is a gap on the lid, switch with the bottom since that won't be seen. This gap appears on occasion, and happens because of slight variations in assembly and cutting. Once fitted, add a little glue and press in place.

2013 Update: These handle instructions are optional. If using the 100% silk handles please see the following bow tutorial.
23. Prepare the handles. If you have cording, saturate the ends with clear nail polish and allow to dry. If you have ribbon handles, tie a little bow in the center of length. Dab a little clear nail polish to the underside of the bow to hold bow.

24. If you are using a small paper punch to make handle holes, now is the time to do so.

25. If the ends are dry of the cord, press one end into a point and knot other end. Follow photo and proceed to thread handle.

26. Go in through outside of hatbox lid for other side threading.

27. This photo may be a little hard to see, but it shows how handle is threaded through each hole. Adjust length to what you like and knot the final end. Trim ends if necessary. Make sure that the handle is long enough to be able to remove lid!!

28. Here is how the hatbox looks assembled.

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