Generic Lidded, Partially Lined Gift Box Assembly

Tools for Assembling Paper Mini’s Kit:

  • Metal straight-edge (ruler). Make fold lines by pressing against the edge of the ruler.
  • White craft glue that is a “quick grab” “clear dry” type of glue.
  • Tweezers
  • X-acto blade tool and fresh blade
  • A true cutting mat
  • cotton tipped swab
  • Small artist brush with which to paint on glue
  • Small piece of aluminum foil to squeeze work glue onto. This will act as your glue pot
  • Scissors
  • Small detailing scissors, a.k.a. as embroidery snips


1. Cut out top and bottom of lidded gift box. Use a blade tool to cut items that have tight spots. Use the straight edge ruler to fold against. You'll get much cleaner folds that way.

NOTE: If you are making a box with acetate window in the lid, you must cut the hole for the window before gluing side tabs. Use a fresh blade in your knife before cutting that hole.

Place glue to 1st side tab of box bottom.


2. Use tweezers to create a tight bond between tab and side panel of box bottom. Repeat for all 4 sides.

3. Fold down the box lip linings. Fold out again and place a layer of glue to blank sides of lip linings. Fold back into place and pinch with tweezers in order to make the box edge even in thickness. The box lid will fit more easily with an even edge.

4. Repeat Steps 1-3 for the box lid as well.

6. Here is your finished box.
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