How to Get a Best-Fit Envelope
Must have items for assembly:
  • X-acto knife and fresh blade
  • Small detailing scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Small artist's paintbrush
  • Small piece of aluminum foil to use as "glue pot"
  • Fast-grab, quick-dry glue. Nicole sells a great one. White craft glue takes too long to dry and is messy. Glue stick will work, but becomes brittle and pops loose after time.
  • Good cutting mat

1. Cut out card and envelope. Fold card in half and place it centered over blank side of envelope piece.


2. Holding the card in place over the envelope piece, fold upward the triangular panel at the bottom of the envelope. Don't let the card move.

3. Fold the right triangular panel against the card.

4. Fold the left triangular panel against the card.

5. Remove the card. Place a dot of glue to the point of the bottom triangle and press the side triangles against it.
6. Use the blade tool to unstick, if glue has moved to the interior of the envelope.

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