a1is006 ~ Sewing Fabric on Bolt
Tools for Assembling Paper Mini’s Kit
  • Metal straight-edge (ruler). Make fold lines by pressing against edge of the ruler.
  • White craft glue that is a “quick grab” “clear dry” type of glue.
  • Tweezers, cotton tipped swab, small artist brush, aluminum foil to squeeze work glue onto and use as a work surface.
  • Double sided tape, scotch tape or short pin.


1. Fold bolt panels in half along middle line and glue blank sides together.


Cut length of fabric. turn down about ˝” bottom and top long edges and press/iron. This ensures that the bolts of fabric do not have raveling raw edges showing.

3. Roll fabric onto bolt. as shown.

4. Secure fabric with a short piece of double-sided tape, dot of glue, tape or straight pin. Repeat for all eight pieces of fabric.

5. Finished collection of color coordinated miniature print bolts of fabric.

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