a1is002a ~ Contemporary Classroom Text and Reference Books

Tools for Assembling Paper Mini’s Kits:

  • Metal straight-edge (ruler). Make fold lines by pressing against the edge of the ruler.
  • White craft glue that is a “quick grab” “clear dry” type of glue.
  • Tweezers
  • X-acto blade tool and fresh blade
  • A true cutting mat
  • cotton tipped swab
  • Small artist brush with which to paint on glue
  • Small piece of aluminum foil to squeeze work glue onto. This will act as your glue pot
  • Scissors
  • Small detailing scissors, a.k.a. as embroidery snips

Text and Reference Books' Assembly

1. Cut out all the pieces of this project. Fold at all creases. Use the photo as your guide. Always fold against the metal straight-edge ruler when making creases.

2. Take one of the book “pages” and form into a box so you can see where each tab will be glued. Only the long back tab should be glued to the exterior of the box, all others should be glued to the inner surface.

3. Repeat for the other three book boxes. Allow each to dry thoroughly before preceding.

4. Take a book cover and crease the two fold lines. Repeat for the other three book covers.

5. Paint a strip of glue to the spine side of one of the book boxes. Carefully press it against the inner spine of the cover. Prop the book on its spine side, and don’t close the cover or you will get glue seepage against the cover.


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