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 Miniature Train & Village
sizes of miniatures are given in millimeters for accuracy.
For your information 1"=25.4 mm

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Miniature train and village in snow scene

View of the pre-printed kit train Village.
Large tree not included!

t1is012 ~ Miniature Train and Village

These are not all the sizes, but enough so that you can gauge the others. 97mmwx140mmh (train track oval), 15mmhx11mmwx12mmd (small house), 19mmhx15mmwx13mmd (barn) 18mmhx22mmlx5mmw (locomotive), 13mmhx15mmlx5mmw (train car)

Pieces in Kit: printed paper train track, train locomotive, 2 train cars, train caboose, 2 stand-up cows, 2 stand-up pigs, 2 stand-up rabbit family, 4 houses, 1 café, 1 school house, 1 barn and silo, 1 house of worship, 7 stand-up evergreen trees, and brads for connecting train cars

Description: This little town is reminiscent of the large sugar eggs of an era gone by that contained a hidden vignette of a town or nativity viewed through a tiny peep hole. The details printed on the village and train are so defined and intricate it is hard to belief that the tallest building structure is less than 1”! The conception and design of this tiniest village has evolved over many years and is quite unique. Use in the nursery of a dollhouse or under a miniature Christmas tree. Click here to view the on-line tutorial.

An ornament version of this project is available for placing in an acrylic fillable orb. Click here to view.

Required: You will need several brass mini clasps/brads sold in the scrapbook section of the hobby store.


 Train and Village
Pre-Printed Kit


 Printie CD for Making
 Train  Village Display Box

t1is012CD ~ Printie CD of Miniature Village Display Box
Village not included

Size: The box is 3.5”x5”x3” deep and fits in a standard picture frame.

Pieces: 1 printie CD

Description: The box requires a 3.5”x5” frame and 3/16” thick foam board. Included on the CD: Photo tutorial, pattern for making foam board box, artwork for the interior, artwork for holiday paper to cover the exterior of the box.

Miniature train and village in framed display box

View of the box made from the printie CD
Frame & village not included

Printie CD of Display Box



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