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Framed Hitty  Hitty Paper Minis
 Pre-printed Kits

 for 6.25" Hitty
sizes of miniatures are given in millimeters for accuracy.
For your information 1"=25.4 mm

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If you have never heard of Hitty and would like to know more about the doll and her book, visit a couple of her websites listed here:

Hitty's Multiplication Flash Cards

Pre-Printed Kit

ahty002~Hitty Multiplication Flash Cards and Storage Box
Size: 20mmx25mm4mm (storage box), 10mmx17mm (card size)
Number of Pieces: 10 two-sided "flash" cards, 10 two-sided answer cards, fully-lined lidded-box
Description: The set is an interpretation of what Hitty in the 19th century might have owned to learn her multiplication tables. The deck is meant to be larger than a typical deck of playing cards. The set has 20 cards, each with a unique reproduction Victorian illustration of a child. Half the cards are for "flashing" and half display the answers. These double-sided cards fit beautifully in a double-compartment, completely lined lidded box. The pretty green and pink design used throughout the kit is a graphic rendering I drew of a cute motif found on the Hitty book's title page.

Children's Objects book

Pre-printed Kit

bchty001 ~ Children's Object Book (circa 1880)
35mmh x 27mmw x 8mmd (book contains fold-out pages)
Pieces: 9 two-sided fold-out pages (18 printed pages), end boards, book cover, dust cover and laminated box sleeve

Description: The actual life-scale book was published in England circa 1880. This is one of the more beautifully illustrated children's books I have ever seen and is one of my all time favorites. The artwork has been digitally enhanced to reflect the original 1880’s beautiful color, and the pages actually fold-out to double the size of the book. Pages are designed for clarity of detail and color on both sides. Artistic license was taken to recreate a dust jacket, and the end boards are enhanced versions.


Hitty's 1st 100 years

Hitty 1st 100 years

Pre-Printed Kit

bhty002~Hitty, Her First Hundred Years Book
Number of Pieces: Laminated book cover, laminated storage sleeve, end boards, dust cover and 24 pages. Along with the book is a portrait to fit the faux stand-up frame.

Hitty, Her First Hundred Years was written in 1929 by Rachel Field. This lovely little book was illustrated by Dorothy Lathop, and all the original darling illustrations are included in the Paper Minis miniature reproduction volume. In addition, all the original captions for the illustrations have been re-typeset in a classic serif font for this edition. All pages are presented in beautiful rich colors or in the original’s black and white ink drawings, and are printed at a crisp resolution on the finest papers. Note: the construction of this mini book possesses finished edges on book cover, lined book cover and fold-over pages.
Book updated August 22, 2017

Hitty Stationery and Caddy with Friendship cards

Pre-Printed Kit

hhty002~Hitty Stationery Set
Size: 15mm x 20mm (envelope), 19mm x 26mm (stationery sheet), 12.5mm x 6.5mm (friendship card)
Number of Pieces:
6 envelopes, 6 sheets of first page stationery, 6 sheets of second page stationery, stationery caddy, 12 friendship cards and carry case, 2 Hitty medallions for decoupage, 6 2-sided Victorian Valentines (not shown), and stationery strap.
For someone who has traveled as much as Hitty, it is  apparent that she would need her very own personalized stationery set. Notice that this set is very compact and easy to carry for someone "on-the-go" like Hitty. Plenty of friendship cards are included to pass out to all her worldwide acquaintances. Included in the set are two fancy paper emblems that will work well as decoupage on a little dresser or storage box. There is an on-line tutorial for making the envelopes .

Kit updated August 22, 2017

Hitty's Charles Dickens Set

Pre-Printed Kit

bhty001~Hitty's Charles Dickens Set
Size: 21mm x 28mm (book), 57mm x 76mm (poster), 15mm x 20mm (souvenir Dickens portrait). Note: this book can be used as a 1:12 scale book or as a small 1:9 scale book.
Number of Pieces:
Laminated cover, 24 printed pages, end boards, dust cover, souvenir portrait, and poster.

Description: How many dolls can boast they have met the great Charles Dickens?! Hitty can, and she admires him so much that she keeps mementos of Mr. Dickens tucked secretly away in her first edition copy of A Christmas Carol. Folded up tightly is the poster given to her at the Farewell Reading Charles Dickens gave in 1843 and it is kept in the book along with a beautiful  full-color portrait  of Mr. Dickens.
All the original illustrations of the first edition printing of A Christmas Carol have been painstakingly reproduced for this tiny volume. Pertinent passages of the text have also been typed and set in an appropriate font titled Century Schoolbook...a style very reminiscent of the mid-1800's texts.  The page edges have been given an "aged" look as would be expected on an antique first edition volume. A couple of portraits and illustrations have been added to the kit that are not found in the actual first edition.



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