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 Fashion Doll/Play Scale (1:6 Scale)
 Pre-Printed Easy-to-Make Kits

Note: 1"=25.4 mm

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fashion doll/play scale: Valentine Caddy & Cards

Pre-Printed Kit

Qualifies for free shipping

ffd004~Valentine Caddy with Greeting and Post Cards                                             
Size: Largest block 25mmx25mmx25mm
Number of Pieces:  Desk caddy, 4 2-sided Victorian post cards, 2 2-sided Victorian Valentines and envelopes, 4 sheets of violet-motif stationery, envelopes and matching strap.

Description: Pretty floral and dove art adorn the desk caddy that is filled with reproduction vintage and antique Valentines. The Valentine greeting cards are printed two-sided as are the Valentine post cards. Each envelope has a beautifully cancelled 3 cent stamp. Stationery is a complete set with custom vintage violets motif.

fashion doll/play scale: Tarot Cards and Ouija Board

Pre-Printed Kit
Without balsa wood and beads

Qualifies for free shipping

ffd006~Mystic Maker (Ouija Board and Tarot Deck)
93mmwx63mmh (Ouija Board for size sampling)

Description: The 22 Major Arcana cards of the Original Waite-Smith-Vanture Tarot deck with silk tie. The cards have “antiqued” edges and are two-sided. Ouija board has top and underside artwork sandwiching a slice of balsa wood for strength. Planchette has storage box and beads for feet.

Tutorial included

Required: You will need a 2"x4"x1/16" balsa wood for the board and several black large seed beads for feet on the planchette

fashion doll/play scale: Cabbage Rose Hatbox & Shoebox 

fashion doll/play scale: Cabbage Rose Shopping Bag

Pre-Printed Kit

Qualifies for free shipping

ffd011ab ~ Cabbage Rose Hatbox, Shoebox  and Shopping Bag

Size Hatbox/Shoe box:
51mmw x 33mmh, 42mml x 20mmw x 15.5mmh (shoe box)
Number of Pieces: hat box, shoe box, pink tissue paper, 100% silk ribbon, plus a photo tutorial

Description: The lovely hatbox is fully lined and comes with 100% silk ribbon for handle and matches the antique faded pink color scheme high-lighted with a cabbage rose motif. The shoe box is partially lined and kit comes with pink tissue for both the hatbox and shoe box.
Size Shopping Bag: 52mmhx57mmwx26mmd (size is for shopping bag and does not including handles)
Description: Handled shopping bag with tissue paper for staging purposes. This kit is part of a antique cabbage rose theme of Paper Minis kits.

fashion doll/play scale: Christmas Nativity Crèche

Pre-Printed Kit

Qualifies for free shipping

ffd017d ~  3-d Christmas Nativity Crèche and Storage Box

Description: Reproduction in miniature of a vintage 1950s era Nativity scene. Platform has a Jerusalem style stand-up background. Manger is a 3-d structure and contains a cow and donkey stall in back of the sacred family. All the visitors including animals and the Magi are stand-up characters. Please click on the "close-up" to view the dimension and detail. Photo tutorial is included. NOTE: storage box is for staging purposes only, manger will not fit.

fashion doll/play scale: nativity storage box


3-d advent calendar1

Pre-Printed Kit

Qualifies for free shipping

ffd017f ~  3-d Advent Calendar

Description: Reproduction in miniature of a vintage 1935 German advent Calendar.

3-d Advent Calendar

Click here to view the photo tutorial for this easy to make pre-printed kit.

fashion doll/play scale: Victorian Bride's Planner

Pre-Printed Kit

Qualifies for free shipping

fashion doll/play scale: Victorian Bride's Planner closed

ffd019 ~  Victorian Bride's Planner

Number of Pieces: Semi-gloss tw0-pocket portfolio (lined) with 100% silk tie (cream color), 2 wedding cake panels, 2 table setting panels, 6 buffet food panels, 2 sample Queen Victoria invitations with envelopes, 1 thank you note with envelope, 1 flower chart, 1 blank Victorian wedding certificate, 5 bride dress panels, 1 dress maker card, 1 milliner's card and photo tutorial

Description: Project in the 1:12 scale appeared in the June 2012 issue of American Miniaturist Magazine. What a bride at the turn-of-the-century might do to plan a wedding. Printed materials especially for bridal purposes were not as abundant as they are now, so perhaps a young woman would collect what scant pictures, photos or adverts she might see over time. Stage a miniature bedroom with a lovely wedding gown standing in the room, trousseau in a hope chest and planner pages strewn about on furniture.

fashion doll/play scale: Victorian Bride's Planner all pieces



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