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 Eloise Wilkin Book Club Subscription
For Fashion Doll/Play Scale (1:6)
     Eloise Wilkin (March 30, 1904 – October 4, 1987) illustrated professionally almost her entire adult life with a career that spanned well over 50 years. In the late 1970s she updated selected works and many of those are still published today. However, the content of this subscription will showcase her earlier works in the 1940s to early 1970s.

Eloise Wilkin at age 19
Eloise (Burns) Wilkin, age 19

      If you are a Baby Boomer and do not recognize the Eloise Wilkin name, you will certainly recognize her illustrations. Because she colored our world with her homey illustrations, her work is probably a prime reason we look back on the 1950s and 1960s so fondly. Her cozy rooms filled with fluffy pillows, quilts, Pricilla curtains,  braided rugs, rosy cheeked children, and mothers dressed in sensible clothes left an indelible image in our mind's eye. Up to that time, the under 6-year-olds were fed a steady diet of rhymes and fairy tales. Eloise, on the other hand, illustrated stories for us of real life: living alongside nature, welcoming a new baby sister or brother, playing pretend games and learning about faith, but to name a few.
Linda and her Little Sister 1:6 scale
Click here for larger image
Month 1 ~ Linda & Her Little Sister
Georgie Finds a Grandpa
Click here for larger image

Month 2 ~ Georgie Finds a Grandpa
We Like Kindergarten
Click here for larger image

Month 3 ~
We Like Kindergarten
Eloise Wilkin Birds
Click here for larger image
Month 4 ~ Birds
Busy Timmy
Click here for larger image
Month 5 ~ Busy Timmy
Baby Dear
Click here for larger image
Month 6 ~ Baby Dear
My Teddy Bear
Click here for larger image

Month 7 ~ My Teddy Bear
Baby's Birthday
Click here for larger image
Month 8 ~ Baby's Birthday
The Christmas ABC
Click here for larger image
Month 9 ~ The Christmas ABCs

we help daddy
Click here for larger image

Month 10 ~ We Help Daddy
We Help Mommy
Click here for larger image
Month 11 ~ We Help Mommy
Click here for larger image
Month 12
~ The Little Golden Holiday Book
Come Play House
Click here for larger image
Month 13 ~ Come Play House
Wonders in Nature
Click here for larger image
Month 14 ~ Wonders of Nature
Where Did Baby Go  
Month 15
Where Did the BABY Go?
Month 16
Month 17
A Day At The Playground
Baby's Christmas
Month 18
Baby's Christmas
Child's Garden of Verses
Month 19
A Child's Garden of Verses
Fix It Please
Month 20
Fix It, Please
Baby Listens
Month 21
Baby Listens
Hansel and Gretel
Month 22
Hansel and Gretel
My Dolly and Me
Month 23
My Dolly and Me
Prayers for Children
Month 24
Prayers for Children
To help you determine the scale of your doll,
click here for a pictorial table.
Title: bcfd901-bcfd924 ~ Eloise Wilken's Illustrated
Little Golden Books-of-the-Month-Club (1:6 scale)

Size: 40mmh x 31mmw x 10mmd

Description: This collection consists of 24 of her publications condensed into 1:6 scale jewels. Each book has at least 24 front and back pages (counting end boards) and will include all her original illustrations and text. All books are presented as Little Golden Books with the famous "golden" spine to match the original human scale books.  Each stands 1.5" high including the cover, dust cover and storage sleeve, which is included to make storage and bookcase stacking much easier to accomplish at such a small size. All text content has been re-typeset at a readable 3.0-3.75 point classic serif typeface. You will love each endearing volume.

In addition, an on-line tutorial is available for you to view and use the zoom capability or print out. Click here to view a sample photo-tutorial for this easy-to-make collection.

Each miniature Paper Minis™  book is individually printed to achieve an unparalleled level of color and print quality on the finest papers.   The miniature detail is so defined the signature thimble is placed in each photo as proof of scale.  None of the pre-printed Paper Minis products need to be sealed or sprayed. For your information the printed surfaces have been tested under running water and allowed to air dry. The print surface is colorfast and does not run.



bcfd901-bcfd924 ~ Eloise Wilkin Little Golden book club
pre-printed kits for
1:6 scale Fashion Doll/Play Scale

$7.50 each month*


This is a 24-month commitment to match the value price, please complete your subscription. I promise you the quality of each issue is as great as it appears in all the photos. If your subscription is cancelled by you or PayPal, please contact me at for help or to discuss your options. If I don't hear from you within the week of cancellation, I'll consider you disinterested and must add you to the DNS list. Thank you in advance, 

I will announce this portion at a later date when I see the popularity of the above collection.
My Puppy
My Puppy
My Kitten
My Kitten
The Parade
The Make-Believe Parade
Who Lives Here
Guess Who Lives Here
The Little Book
The Little Book
My Little Golden Book about God
Mother Goose
Mother Goose
New Baby
The New Baby
House in the woods
The New House in the Forest
Boy with Drum
The Boy With a Drum
So Big
So Big
My Toy Box
My Toy Box


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