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 Activities Category 1:6
 Fashion Doll/Play Scale
 Pre-Printed Kits
sizes of miniatures are given in millimeters for accuracy.
For your information 1"=25.4 mm

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fashion doll/play scale: Contemporary Gardening Products

Pre-Printed Kit

afd004 ~  Contemporary Gardening Products
550mmhx22mmdx38mmw (potting soil sack as sample size)

Number of Pieces:
4 bulb sacks, seed catalog, 6 flower seed packets, 6 vegetable seed packets, round insecticide canister, box of plant food, bag of potting soil, bag of pine mulch.

Everything you will need to stage a garden scene is in this kit even down to the faux shaker canister of insecticide powder!


fashion doll/play scale: Sewing Patterns and Delineator Faux Magazine

Pre-Printed Kit

afd005 ~  Sewing Patterns and Delineator Faux Magazine
27mmwx38mmh (pattern envelope as sample size)
Number of Pieces:
6 varied pattern envelopes (front and back artwork, 1 faux Delineator Magazine, 3 vellum pattern panels

Pattern envelopes are a composite of real and fictional artwork from several different style eras, this way you can accentuate your particular era during staging. The patterns themselves are not true-to-scale but are made strictly for staging your dolly and are aged looking and translucent. Great to stage with fabrics. Lastly a Delineator magazine with one set of open pages artwork and 'fluffed' with plain paper pages that are glued together to give the look and feel of a real magazine.


fashion doll/play scale: Sewing Basket, Notions and Delineator

Pre-Printed Kit

afd007a ~  Sewing Basket, Notions and Delineator Faux Magazine
45mml x 35mmw x 26mmh (sewing basket as sample size)
Number of Pieces:
6 bias tape packets, three embroidery floss skeins, 3 button/snap cards, sewing basket with 'hinged' lid, 1 faux Delineator Magazine, 3 vellum pattern panels

Sewing basket is made of heavy paper but looks so like real wicker. Basket is completely lined. Real embroidery floss is included in the kit. The bias tape packets have separate label bands so you can optionally use slender ribbon to simulate the real think. The two button cards and snaps card are copies of the real thing. To round out the sewing scene, a faux Delineator magazine is included. 

For staging purposes, I placed a tiny dot of clear dimensional paint on each snap and button.


fashion doll/play scale: Sewing Notions and Delineator

Pre-Printed Kit

afd007b ~  Sewing Set and Delineator Faux Magazine
22mml x 15mmw x 11mmh (thread box as sample size)
Number of Pieces:
6 faux thread spools and 'hinged' Corticelli storage box, two needle cases 3 Corticelli 2-sided advertising figures, laminated measuring tape, and faux Delineator Magazine

The figures are actual Corticelli thread adverts and might look cute with a tasseled loop to put on your dolly's wrist. The thread spools have actual labels laminated for strength. The two needle cases look so real you could swear you could sew with them. Keep the spools safe in the reproduction Corticelli box. The  Delineator magazine is color coordinated, and the children's theme goes well with the advert cards. Spin actual thread around the printed thread.



fast food set 3

Pre-printed Kit

afd008c~Contemporary Fast Food Set 3

Pieces: 2 place mats, 2 soda drink cups, 2 milkshake cups, 4 drink straws, 2 small food pouches, 2 large food pouches, 2 food boxes, 2 BBQ packs, 2 ketchup packs, and 1 carry-out bag.

Dollhouse Chinese Food Carry Out

kit includes 2 settings
Shown is 1:12 and not the 1:6 scale that is this kit

Pre-printed Kit

afd021 ~ Chinese Carry Out

Description: Carry out brown bag with receipt, 2 place mats, 3 food cartons, lidded soup container, 1 2-sided menu, 2 packets for chop sticks, and 2 plates. The text items have been typeset at a very tiny size, yet are quite legible with a looking glass.

Not Included: Pliable wire for handles, or cut balsa wood for chop sticks.

Note: Food for staging not included in kit

The Bakery Boxing in Pastels

Pre-printed Kit

afd025 ~ The Bakery
Size: 40mmwx42mmdx30mmh (largest box)

Three cake boxes staggered in size. Kit comes with cellophane for windows, patterns for windows, and 3 faux cake inserts plus a cookies/donut carry box and counter stand-up menu.


Classical LP Records

Pre-printed Kit

afd028 ~ Classical LP Records
Disks are 1.75"across
Description: Kit includes 6 LP record jackets and double-sided faux LP records of classical music. Composers include: Bach, Ravel, Moussorgsky, Strauss, Beethoven, Mozart. Record company labels represent RCA Victor, DECCA, London Westminster.

A 1.75" circle paper punch is just the right size for punching out the records. To improve on the finished product, use a black felt tip pen on the edge of each record disk.



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