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 Vintage Toy Shop, Part 1
 1" Dollhouse Scale (1:12)
 Pre-printed Kits
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sizes of miniatures are given in millimeters for accuracy.
For your information 1"=25.4 mm

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Toy shop series 1 animation

Each easy-to-make, pre-printed kit contains at least one toy inspired by the beauty and craftsmanship of yester-year. Each is printed on  top quality paper and engineering provide strength and display beautiful color and clarity.

The Second series of toys for the Vintage Toy Shop, or Part 2 can be found here.

Photo tutorials are available on-line in the library and listed here under each project. Please read the important on-line tutorials for assembly tools and
how-to detail cutting.

dollhouse scale: Railroad Story Book

bc1is005 ~ Railroad Story Book
This is a subscription sign-up bonus

McLoughlin Bros. Publishing circa 1907
(Extracts also taken from the 1898 McLoughin
book titled Railroad ABC Picture Book)
27mm x 20mm (cover), 25mm x 19mm (text page)

Description: True to all the McLoughlin Brothers’ children’s books, this one is beautifully illustrated. The miniature rendition is re-typeset using an appropriate font face titled Goudy Old Style, and the text layout is almost identical to the original full-sized book. The illustrations have been scrubbed, enhanced and color re-saturated to it’s original beauty.

Click here for on-line tutorial


Month 1. Little Red Riding Hood's Cottage (pc1is036)
Size: 40 mm high or 1.5" high

Little Red Riding Hood Cottage


Dollhouse scale: detail of  Little Red Riding Hood Cottage 3

Description: The 'bones' of this project are from an antique French paper cottage. If you are familiar with the original, you will notice the inside has been improved and enhance. The construction has changed to make it easier to build and a fresher vintage Red Riding Hood and chickens have been added to the scene. Make sure you position Red so that you can see inside the door.

Click here for on-line tutorial


Month 2. Vintage Board Games (pc1is037)
40mmlx22mmdx6mmh (Nellie Bly box as sample size)

Vintage Board Games

Description:  This collection of games begins with the 'Round the World with Nellie Bly' working spinner game and double-sided game board and box featuring original composite artwork. Nellie is quite the real-life character and an early role-model for should look her up on the internet! The second game is 'The Little Fisherman' and it also is a composite of vintage games. The fishing hole is simulated inside and out. It is hard to see in the photos, but the fish are actually on the poles' lines. The third game is an old favorite of Tiddledy Winks. The artwork is a composite of vintage Tiddledy Winks games. Conceivably you could flip a wink into the clown's mouth...if you have a mind to do so.

Extras included in the kit are a spare spinner and board and plenty of Tiddledy Winks in case you make a mistake.

You will need toothpicks and heavy thread.

Click here for on-line tutorial


Month 3. Medieval Castle (pc1is038)
42mmwx40mmdx77mmh (approximately 3” at the highest point)

Medieval Castle

Description:  Sturdy paper engineering of a fantasy Medieval castle, and it includes all the details one thinks of in the mind's eye such as: draw bridge, gate house, walled courtyard, 7 spires, flags and chained draw-bridge. Easy assembly and no tiny fiddly tabs.

You will need straight pins, colorful seed beads and a few inches of old necklace chain.

Click here for on-line tutorial


Month 4. Mixed Vintage Toys  (pc1is039)
20mmwx30mmh (Circus Procession Display Canister as sample size)

Vintage toys

Description:  A collection of vintage toys and each has intrigue. In the collection are: 4 working wind-spinners (a.k.a. pin wheels); a Humpty-Dumpty rocking toy; fire truck; mouse in cage and a fish in bowl thaumatropes; a 3-d fish kite; 2 2-sided working phenakistoscopes (dancers, horse rider, leap frogs & bicyclist); circus procession canister for displaying stick toys; and, last but not east, is a very detailed drum with drum sticks.

You will need round and flat toothpicks, white seed beads and red seed beads, few inches of 2" wide x 1/16" thick balsa wood required.

Click here for on-line tutorial


Month 5. Art Deco Dollhouse's Dollhouse  (pc1is040)
51mmwx48mmhx27mmd (dollhouse)

Art Deco Dollhouse

Art Deco bedroom

Art Deco Living Room and Kitchen

Description:  At less than 2" high, this dollhouse’s dollhouse comes complete with furniture. The design uses elements reminiscent of the cozy Art Deco style. The house is a sturdy, multi-thickness, paper-engineered structure with an unusual dormer opening. There are two 3-dimensional smaller dormers. The first floor living room has a stove, dining table, bookcase and easy chair. The bedroom has a vanity, bed and chair. Several of the pieces are unusual in construction, so a back-up spare for each has been included in the kit. No extra supplies are required for this project.

Extras included in the kit are spare chairs, roof, small dormer, and exterior house panel just in case you make a mistake.

Click here for on-line tutorial


Month 6. Puzzles and Pull-Toys  (pc1is041)
15mmwx25mmlx10mmh (puzzle blocks box as sample size)

Puzzles and Pull Toys

Description:  Kit includes six puzzle blocks featuring 6 pictures of kittens and puppies and has a lidded storage box; box of crazy cards with animals to mix and match--there are 12 animals for a total of 24 cards (card back has design to match box); pull-toy pig has a platform and 100% silk ribbon for neck bow, wheels do turn; vintage elephant pull-toy is free standing and wheels do turn. Included is an extra double set of wheels for the pull-toys and an extra set of patterns for cutting wood. A length of 100% silk ribbon is included for the pull-pig's neck bow.

Spare pull elephant and lots of extra wheels for both store bought and home made wheels are included just in case you make a mistake.

See the on-line tutorial for the items you will need on hand. Mainly you will need about 6" of 2"x1/16 thick balsa wood, yarn for pull cords and couple beads, self-dry clay like Crayola Model Magic for blocks.
Click here for on-line tutorial


Month 7. Books Just for Kids  (pc1is042)
35mmlx28mmwx28mmh (bookcase as a sample size)

Books Just for Kids

Description:  The following books are included in the kit: The Roosevelt Bears with laminated cover, The First Circus plus a laminated cover, A Trip to Mother Goose Land fold-out book with laminated cover and 100% silk tie ribbon, Zebrology and floss for binding. Railroad book is the subscription sign-up bonus and is not in the kit but is shown in the photo. Kit also includes the pattern and end art for the bookcase.

You will need about 6" of 2" x 1/16" thick balsa wood and red craft paint.

Click here for on-line tutorial


Month 8. McLoughlin Brothers Pretty Village (pc1is043)
130mmwx65mml (village platform). Tallest building is about 28mm high, shortest building is about 8mm high.

Pretty Village

Description:  The Paper Minis McLoughlin Brothers Pretty Village kit is a miniaturized version of the human scale paper toy designed in approximately 1900. This village is comprised of 17 buildings and a child's play tent. Along with the set is a re-creation of the original play platform. I had a black and white picture of the original and followed the design as close as possible. The detail of each building is incredibly good and a very easy and fun kit to make. FYI, there is an ornament of this village and platform for an acrylic fillable orb found on the Paper Minis ornament page.

Click here for on-line tutorial


Month 9. Goldilocks and the 3 Bears Theater (pc1is044)
55mmhx20mmdx53mmw (theater)

Goldilocks Theater 1

Goldilocks Theater 2

Description:  This tiny 2 inch theater is a fun composite of many vintage toy theaters. The stage is set-up as the interior of the three bears cottage, which Goldilocks 'visits.' there is a slit in the top of the theater made for the curtain and also for holding the guide rods for the 'puppets'. Kit comes with furniture for the staged play: small, medium and large beds and chairs; table has three stand-up porridge bowls. Flat puppets include Papa, Mama, Baby Bear and Goldilocks. Stage curtain slides up & down. Seed beads are required for the bed feet, round toothpicks for puppet rods and optional for curtain.

Extras included in the kit is a spare set of bears and Goldilocks just in case you make a mistake.

You will need toothpicks for handles.

Click here for on-line tutorial


Month 10. The Carousel (pc1is045)
65mmh (with flag) x 38mmw

Carousel 2

Carousel 1

Description:  A composite of vintage carousels including the famous Paris Carousel. This toy carousel actually turns! There are nine animals (the kit contains a spare set of animals) Middle spindle has vintage mirror art. Engineering is stable and parts are designed to be self-reinforced. Follow the on-line tutorial and you will not have trouble.

Extras included in the kit is a full set of spare animals in case you make a mistake.

You will need a round toothpick, metallic gold paint, black bead big enough to fit toothpick and large gold beads for ends of carousel posts

Click here for on-line tutorial


Month 11. Vintage Dolls (pc1is046)
37mm w x 32mm h x 12mm d (Raggedy Ann and Andy Box)

Vintage Doll Collection

Description:  1940s-1960s doll collection. Four international tube dolls; Skookum Indian Princess doll; window-boxed: Kewpie Doll, Raggedy Ann and Andy, and Flagg white and black families for dollhouses. Sheet acetate for windows included. Follow the on-line tutorial and you will not have trouble.

Click here for on-line tutorial


Month 12. Toys for Boys and Girls (pc1is047)
22mm w x 27mm h (Scootles paper doll book as sample)

Toys for Girls and Boys

Description:  8-pg Rose O’Neill Scootles and Kewpie paper doll book with 4 staging dolls and outfits; box of 6 pages of McLoughlin Brothers’ paper soldiers with 9 staging soldier ; 12 block puzzles with storage box displaying W. Germany artist Hermann Eichhorn’s fairy tale artwork; 2 vintage cars with moving wheels; 1 vintage seaplane with rotating propeller; 4 nesting blocks displaying middle-century artist Art Seiden’s work (blocks do nest perfectly).

Extras included in the kit are: spare staging soldiers, wheels for the cars, rotating seaplane propeller, and Scootles doll in case you make a mistake.

You will need self-drying clay like Crayola Model Magic for blocks, straight pin for airplane propeller.

Click here for on-line tutorial





Vintage Toy Shop, Part 1
$6.50 per month*


This is an 12-month commitment to match the value price, please complete your subscription. I promise you the quality of each issue is as great as it appears in all the photos. If your subscription is cancelled by you or PayPal, please contact me at for help or to discuss your options. If I don't hear from you within the week of cancellation, I'll consider you disinterested and must add you to the DNS list. Thank you in advance, 
Parcheesi offered as completion bonus for sign-ups during March 2018 only

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