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 1" Dollhouse Scale (1:12)
 Pre-Printed, Easy Kits
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This is the Household Menu
sizes of miniatures are given in millimeters for accuracy.
For your information 1"=25.4 mm

See on-line Tutorial Library in menu, or see product hang tag.

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Dollhouse miniature: Meadow Farms Fresh Ice Cream

Pre-printed Kit

h1is005 ~ Meadow Farms Fresh Ice Cream
16mmwx19mmhx12mm (carton)
Sundaes not included

An antique farmyard painting is the colorful backdrop to this vintage looking ice cream carton from the “Meadow Farms” dairy. The kit comes with four cartons labeled vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and blueberry.


Dollhouse miniature: Vintage Canned Goods

Pre-printed Kit

h1is014 ~ Vintage Canned Goods
Size: 11mmhx9mmw (can)

Description:  These vintage reproduction canned goods are in perfect detail. Unlike modern day cans, these are richly colored works of art. Lids are faux.


Dollhouse miniature: Contemporary Food

Pre-printed Kit

h1is011a ~ Contemporary Foods
Size: 25mmhx12mmwx12mmd (milk carton)

Description:  Collection of contemporary food items: 6 faux cans, milk carton, orange juice carton, and salt box. Great kit for staging a dollhouse kitchen or room box.


Dollhouse miniature: Contemporary Foods, Groceries

Pre-printed Kit

h1is011b ~ Contemporary Foods, Groceries
Size: 35mmhx27mmwx15mmd (grocery bag)

Description: Another great collection of contemporary food items plus the grocery bag to carry them home. Group includes: cake box, ice cream, raisins, spaghetti, macaroni, sugar, flour, butter, pudding, food coloring kit and chocolate cake.


 vintage grocery signage

Pre-printed Kit

h1is024 ~ Vintage Grocery Store Signage
Size: 51mmhx40mmw (largest, Hershey Syrup) 2"x1.5"

Description: There are 21 signs in this collection with the largest found in the upper right hand corner. These signs are great for placing in a mini grocery window, against the cashier counter or on grocery walls up high perhaps.


Rothschild Chateau Mouton

Miscellaneous miniature wine labels

Pre-printed Kit

h1is025 ~ Vintage Wine Labels
Size: Proper size for 1:12 scale/1” dollhouse scale wine bottle

Description:  13 assorted wine labels from Chateauneuf-du-Pape to Sevilla California Muscatel plus 16 assorted Chateau Mouton Rothschild labels displaying their annual great artists’ work from Picasso to Chagall. 


baggettes and cheese

Pre-printed Kit

h1is026 ~ Gourmet Cheese Boxes and French Baguette Bags
Size: Proper size for 1:12 scale/1” dollhouse scale standard French baguette.

Description: Two each of 5 different cheese boxes (boxes do not open), 2 each of 2 different styles of vintage French Baguette bags.

The following photo shows a staging of h1is025 and h1is026. 

Wine, baggettes and cheese

Wine bottles, basket, and French bread baguettes are easily found for reasonable prices on  


h1is027: Oatmeal Cookies

Pre-printed Kit

h1is027 ~ Chocolate Chip, Raisin Oatmeal Cookies
Size: Milk carton is 24 mm tall

Description: Everything you need to make chocolate chip, raisin, oatmeal cookies is included in this kit including the recipe and the vanilla extract...and you have to drink milk with warm fresh baked cookies!


Italiain Dinner Night
Photo is of 1:3, 1:6, and 1:12 scales.
Only 1:12 scale is included here.

Pre-printed Kit

h1is028 ~ Italian Dinner Night

Description: 1" dollhouse scale (1:12) pre-printed kit includes: Printout of pizza (see pizza crust tutorial here), pizza box, pizzeria menu, boxed penne pasta, boxed thin spaghetti, boxed lasagna noodles, parmesan cheese shaker, canned traditional tomato sauce, canned crushed tomatoes, canned tomato paste, canned mushrooms and canned artichoke hearts.

Dollhouse miniature: Pet Foods

Pre-printed Kit

h1is011c ~ Pet Foods
ize: 22mmhx15mmwx6mmd (dog treats box)

Description: 4 cans of dog food, 4 cans of cat food, gold fish shaker of food flakes, box of dog treats, pouch of dog treats, 2 pouches of cat treats, box of bird seed, box of rabbit pellets. 


Dollhouse miniature: Trio of Children's Shoe Boxes

Pre-printed Kit

h1is018 ~ Trio of Children's Shoe Boxes
9mmhx23mmlx13mmw (large boxes)

Description: 3 children’s shoe boxes with tissue for staging purposes. Original vintage Buster Brown shoebox paper doll art has been incorporated into the newer miniature designs. I've even included the logo that I loved so much in my very own kid's shoes so many years ago. Take those logos and glue them in the heel of your little shoes. The Mary Janes are metal miniatures I ordered and then painted. Hole punch I used was a 3/16" punch.

This shoebox series is a true cultural statement. International customers may not be familiar, but everyone in the U.S. 1950s and 60s wore Buster Brown shoes.

Buster and Tig Heel Sticker 


Dollhouse miniature: 6 Collector Plates, Set 1

Dollhouse miniature: 6 Collector Plates, Set 2

Pre-printed Kit

h1is013ab ~ 12 Collector Plates
Size: 27 mm across or 1" across (plates)

Description: Twelve lovely, very high-definition hand-printed reproduction antique plate prints. Cut out, glue to plate and paint with self-leveling gloss varnish (samples here were painted with Delta Ceramcoat, Gloss, Exterior/Interior, Polyurethane Varnish). Perfect kit for staging a beautiful breakfront or to hang on a diorama room box wall. These are 1" paper disks to be scissor cut or circle punched and embossed with a plate embossing tool.

Optional items you might need: Use your own dishes as slugs for decoupage; has them. Use a 1" paper punch for a perfect shapes. Go to Dolly's Gallery website for plate shapers/embossers.


Dollhouse miniature: Housepainter's Kit

Pre-printed Kit

h1is019 ~ Housepainter's Kit
Size: 25mmwx12mmhx7mmd (sander box)

6 cans of paint and wood products, 2 wood and paper stir sticks, electric sander box, packet of sandpaper with 4 sheets of 2-sided sandpaper, jar of wood filler, and can of wood finish.

Requires: A tiny piece of balsa wood for the paint stir sticks, approximately 2" wide x 1/16" thick.


Photo is of 1:3, 1:6, and 1:12 scales.
Only 1:12 scale is included here.

Pre-printed Kit

h1is029 ~ S'mores Campfire Party

Pre-printed kit for candy bars, marshmallow bag and graham crackers box and content. Tutorial for marshmallows is referenced on tag.

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This is the Household Menu

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