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 1" Dollhouse Scale (1:12)
 Pre-Printed, Easy Kits
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This is the Household Menu
sizes of miniatures are given in millimeters for accuracy.
For your information 1"=25.4 mm

See on-line Tutorial Library in menu, or see product hang tag.

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La Flor Dollhouse Paper Cigars and Box

Pre-printed Kit

h1is001 ~ La Flor Dollhouse Paper Cigars and Box
Number of Pieces: 10 cigars, 1 flip-top box
Description: This is a very unique miniature right down to the antique artwork taken from actual boxes. The cigar imaging is of real tobacco leaves creating great texture to these tiny cigars. This is one of my personal favorites.


Dollhouse miniature: Cigar Boxes

Pre-printed Kit

h1is002 ~ Cigar Boxes
Size: 20mmwx10mmhx20mmd (largest cigar box)

Description: Six cigar boxes great for staging a room that has lots of "stuff." Fill with sewing notions, toys, desk items or other collections.


Dollhouse miniature: Victorian 1880 Wall Calendar

Pre-printed Kit

h1is003a~ Victorian 1880 Wall Calendar
Size: 25mmwx50mmh (calendar backboard)

Description: Beautiful Art Nouveau design really 'makes' this accurate 12-page 1880 calendar. The backboard is professionally finished on all edges and lined on the back.


Dollhouse miniature: Victorian Desk Set

Pre-printed Kit

h1is003b ~ Victorian Desk Set
Size: 215mmwx19mmhx3mmd (address book)

Description: The lady's desk set theme is one of Paper Minis best sellers. Its vintage look and femininity add to the appeal. Note the alpha-tabs on the address book with finished edges and end boards, 4 faux pencils, pencil holder with finished top edge, and a much needed “to do” tablet.


 Dollhouse miniature: Desk Blotter and New Orleans Diary

Pre-printed Kit

h1is003c ~ Desk Blotter and New Orleans Diary
Size: 40mmwx30mmh (desk blotter)

Description: True-to-life desk blotter with high-end artist paper to simulate true blotter paper (1 pink and 1 light green included) and detached corner pieces, 12-page authentic 1901 French New Orleans personal journal and sketch diary with laminated cover to give the closer simulation of the original leather. All pieces have completely finished edges.


Dollhouse miniature: Floral Writing Caddy

Pre-printed Kit

h1is006 ~ Floral Writing Caddy
Size: 16mmwx21mmh (stationery page)

Description: Lovely and sturdy writing caddy with lined opening, 6 sheets of stationery, 6 matching enveloped, decorative strap and 3 faux pencils.


Dollhouse miniature: Violets Writing Caddy

Pre-printed Kit

h1is007 ~ Violets Writing Caddy
Size: 16mmwx21mmh (stationery page)

Description: Stationery caddy like the one above but with violets motif and decorative strap. Includes 6 sheets of stationery and 6 matching enveloped.


Dollhouse miniature: Ladies' Vanity Set 1

Pre-printed Kit

h1is004a ~ Ladies' Vanity Set 1
Size: 11mmwx14mmhx8mmd (lacy bath beads package in back)

Description: Box of faux bath salt cubes, beauty bath beads package, fully-lined lidded powder box, stack of 3 vintage French soap boxes and 100% silk ribbon, 6 packages of dresser sachets and strap. Ribbon color may vary according to availability.

Not Included: 1/4" pom-pom and beads for puff handle


Dollhouse miniature: Ladies' Vanity Set 2

Pre-printed Kit

h1is004b ~ Ladies' Vanity Set 2
Size: 32mmwx21mmdx5mmh (vanity tray)

Description: Fully-lined dresser tray with clear acetate insert; reproduction antique powder shaker; perfume labels; and tissue box.

Not Included: beads and fittings for perfume bottles


Dollhouse miniature: Blue Damask Vanity & Toiletries Set

Dollhouse miniature: Blue Damask Vanity and Toiletries Set
Tray of Toiletries on included wall bracket

Pre-printed Kit

h1is016 ~ Blue Damask Vanity and Toiletries Set

Size: 56mmwx28mmdx5mmh (tray)

Description: Lovely vanity set in ice blue damask. The set comes with tray, or you can use the damask bracket to hang it as a shelf on a wall. The labels are ‘language neutral’ and a compilation of vintage artwork. included in the set are: the tray, paper bracket for tray, round talcum shaker with faux shaker top, round powder box, 3 stack soap boxes with matching 100% silk ribbon, perfume box, tissue box, hair creme, round eye cream jar, round hand cream with faux spout. Not shown and included is a sheet of gold foil to encase button tops. Paint shown on button tops in photos. Optimum would be beads or jewelry fittings for button top.


Dollhouse miniature: The Victoriana Collection

Pre-printed Kit

h1is012 ~ The Victoriana Collection
Size: 34mmw x 22mmh (largest hat box)

Description: Great value and introduction to Paper Minis. Two fully lined hat boxes, a partially lined boot box and slippers box, box for roses, clutch portfolio with ribbon. Included is some pink and off-white tissue for staging purposes.  A length of pale pink ribbon is included for optional hat box handles.


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This is the Household Menu

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