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Completed Cubby Project for miniature scenes

Cubby project cabinet with front door closed

Paper Minis cubby cabinet animation

The Miniature Cubby Cabinet Project will return soon! All products are under-going major, positive changes. Please come back to visit. Join the mailing and keep up with what is happening at
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STEP 1: Purchase the display cabinet no longer sells the curio box, and I have not successfully found one like it. The box' dimensions are as follows in case you can find one yourself: 13"x13" exterior and 12"x12"x2" interior with a hinged door.

1" scale cubby project: unfinished box
Image of display cabinet belongs to

filled cabinet

Completed Project


 STEP 2: Purchase the 8-month
 STEP 3: Use the free Printie CD to
 Decorate Your Cabinet

Step 2: Sign-up for the 8-month subscription of Pre-printed kit collections. Each month a payment will be deducted by PayPal from your PayPal account and you will then receive a pre-printed cubby collection kit. Payment information is at end of this page.

Step 3: Use the CD to decorate your cabinet. The CD includes:

  • The pattern for making the shelves for the display cabinet (you need to have on hand 2" wide x 1/16" thick balsa wood;
  • The printie files for wallpaper You need to have a printer and good paper;

  • The printie files for staging 'furniture' shown in the photo below.

1" scale cubby project: shelves, furniture and painted

1" scale cubby project: Finished

Cabinet populated with Collection Kits


Disclaimer: Non-paper items such as shoes, perfume components, wine bottles, etc. are not included in the cubby 8-month project.
 8-month Pre-Printed
 Cubby Projects

1" scale cubby project: Victorian pink desk set

Month 1

pc1is001 ~ Victorian Pink Desk Set

Size: 29mmwx25mmhx5mmd (Memory & Souvenir Album for size sample)
  • 12-page 1880 Victorian calendar mounted on a Victorian collaged backboard;
  • 4 floral and striped faux pencils to sit perfectly in a matching cabbage rose motif pencil container;
  • 4 folded note cards decorated with ladies in Victorian hats, envelopes, and matching note card pouch;
  • Embellished stationery desk caddy, 4 sheets of stationery and matching envelopes;
  • Alpha-tabbed address book with actual double-sided pages and a beautiful finished book cover and decorated end-boards;
  • Stand-up desk portraits in faux frames and two vintage family photos,
  • 6 friendship cards and matching carrying case,
  • desk blotter with 3-d corners,
  • Last but not least, a Memory and Souvenir Album with laminated cover (all edges are finished), end-boards and 12 pages of beautiful images, light blue 100% silk ribbon tie and 3 extra pages to use in staging.
  • Photo tutorial is found on the printie CD and here: pc1is001 ~ Pink Victorian Desk Set

What you need to have on hand: Slender ribbon for stationery


1" scale cubby project: Lavender Garden Vanity Set

Month 2

pc1is002 ~ Lavender Garden Vanity Set

Size: 21mmh x 32mmw (hat box for a sample size)

  • Lavender garden motif decorated frame with faux Mylar mirror;
  • Framed Mucha print with clear acetate front to simulate glass. Faux frame is separate from the print in order to add dimension;
  • Fully lined hat box with removable lid decorated;
  • Lidded and partially lined glove box with faux gloves;
  • Gift bag and tissue stuffer;
  • Lidded powder box;
  • Facial tissue box;
  • 3 packets of sachet with wrap band;
  • 3 boxes of French soaps (empty);
  • Vanity tray;
  • Labels for  perfume bottles, talcum powder shaker with store display tray;
  • Photo tutorial is found on the printie CD and here: pc1is002 ~ Lavender Garden Vanity Set

What you need to have on hand: 1/4" pom pom for powder puff, jewelry fittings and beads to make perfume bottles and cap for talcum shaker.


1" scale cubby project: Alice in Wonderland Toy Room

Month 3

pc1is003 ~ Early 1900s Alice in Wonderland Toy Room

Size: 42mmh x 36mmw x 10mmd (theater as sample size)


  • Set of 5 alpha nesting stack boxes;
  • Model airplane with working propeller;
  • Two room dollhouse;
  • Play theater;
  • Paper doll sheet;
  • Boxed faux German doll with lidded box and acetate window;
  • Lidded building blocks box with faux blocks insert;
  • Lidded locomotive jig-saw puzzle box with laminated puzzle for cutting and un-laminated copy for display or vice versa;
  • 2-sided multiplication cards and darling storage box (card pyramid);
  • Vintage Peculiar game with 2-sided cards (falling out of box);
  • Chinese Checkers game board;
  • Photo tutorial is found on the printie CD and here: pc1is003 ~ Alice in Wonderland Motif Toy Room

What you need to have on hand: straight pin for airplane propeller, and optional mini toys like the shoes and car in photo


1" scale cubby project: Cabbage Rose Valentines Collection

Month 4

pc1is004 ~ Cabbage Rose Valentines Collection

Size: 38mmh x 11mmw x 11mmd (wine box with lid as sample size)


  • Very unique 3-D foldout Valentine;
  • Wine label, lidded wine box;
  • Love poems book featuring works by William Shakespeare to e. e. cummings;
  • Valentine card caddy, 4 Valentine cards, envelopes and strap;
  • Heart-shaped lidded candy box with faux chocolates insert;
  • Flowers pot;
  • Nine 2-sided valentine post cards;
  • Sweets box;
  • Photo tutorial is found on the printie CD and here: pc1is004 ~ Vintage Valentines

What you need to have on hand: pink, green, off-white tissue and thin wire for flowers; optional wine bottle and wine glasses


1" scale cubby project: Vintage Sewing Studio

Month 5

pc1is005 ~ Vintage Sewing Studio

Size: 18mmh x 25mmw x 31mmd (sewing basket with lid as sample size)


  • faux wicker sewing basket completely lined;
  • 3 pattern envelopes with 3 pieces of printed tissue patterns;
  • Faux partially completed cross-stitch sampler to drape over edge of sewing basket;
  • 3 bolts of mini-print fabric;
  • 4th piece of fabric to layout with one of the tissue patterns;
  • Large fabric cross-stitch sampler and frame;
  • 3 cards of faux buttons;
  • Faux packet of needles;
  • 6 faux spools of thread (you can wind your own thread for realism). Spool labels are laminated;
  • 4 cards of bias tape and labels.
  • Sewing magazine with faux pages;
  • Laminated tape measure;
  • Embroidery floss labels;
  • Photo tutorial is found on the printie CD and here: pc1is005 ~ Vintage Sewing Room

What you need to have on hand: Metal cast miniature sewing machine head available on-line and whereever miniatures are sold; optional metal sewing scissors and thimble; optional thread and ribbon to use for bias tape and spools (otherwise the thread and bias tape are printed); threads of embroidery floss and several pieces of yarn for making yarn balls.


1" scale cubby project: Blue Delft Kitchen

Month 6

new spice lids

The spice lids are now this type.

pc1is006-Blue Delft Kitchen

Size: 28mmh x 20mmw (flour canister with lid as sample size)


  • 2 fabric towels;
  • 2 fabric pot holders;
  • 3 spice jars and wall-mounted spice rack;
  • Pocket folder with 6 recipes sheets;
  • 1 utensil jar;
  • 3 faux wall-mounted mini plates;
  • 4 paper food cans and oatmeal container;
  • 4-canisters set with removable lids;
  • Water pitcher and matching mixing bowl;
  • Old-fashioned milk carton, butter box, egg carton;
  • Paper Rolling pin;
  • Napkin caddy with pattern for napkins;
  • Photo tutorial is found on the printie CD and here: pc1is006 ~ Blue Delft Motif Kitchen Set

What you need to have on hand: ribbon for loops on pot holders, Wood skewer for towel rod, beads to use as towel rod ends, gold beads for knobs on canisters,  small beads for lids on spices; optional utensils for jar.


1" scale cubby project: The Alchemist's Laboratory

Month 7

New style of potion jars
This is the current lid style

pc1is007 ~ Alchemist's Laboratory

Size: 40mmh x 28mmw x 6mmd (big books as sample size)


  • Seven apothecary paper "jars" with lids (see style change in photo above). Labels such as Imp Gall;
  • Alchemist's Reference book with patterned burgundy suede cover and period style end-boards. Pages are one-sided in order to display open;
  • Book of Celestial and Earthly Maps with patterned black suede cover and period style end-boards. Pages are 2-sided.
  • Book of Anatomy with brown suede cover and period style end-boards. Pages are 2-sided and art for pages was taken from Leonardo da Vinci's illustrations. Cover artwork for all 3-books is included in kit;
  • Complete deck of 22 Tarot cards;
  • Six-scrolled maps and astrology charts (Medieval European, Islamic, and Hebrew). Back sides are printed to look like ancient vellum;
  • Photo tutorial is found on the printie CD and here: pc1is007 ~ The Alchemist's Laboratory

What you need to have on hand: Clear marble and jewelry fitting for making a crystal ball; metal or glass bead for ink well and feather for plume; optional skull bead for candle holder; optional mini key to tie on as book marker; thin ribbon for book marker and ties for maps; Optional mini goblets


1" scale cubby project: The Beatrix Potter Library

Month 8

pc1is008 ~ Beatrix Potter Motif Children's Library

Size: 28mmh x 21mmw x 3mmd (Night Before Christmas book for sample size)


  • Potter motif 5 alpha nesting boxes;
  • Potter coloring book (8 pages);
  • Box of 6 faux color crayons;
  • Potter pencil box;
  • 4 faux pencils;
  • 6 faux colored pencils;
  • Three Potter motif wall-mounted plates;
  • Framed B. Bouncer sketch by Potter and acetate 'glass';
  • Bookcase artwork of Potter characters and pattern for making bookcase;
  • The Night Before Christmas 14-page book with laminated cover;
  • Kiddies in the Country 16-page book with laminated cover;
  • Metropolitan Mother Goose 20-page book with laminated cover;
  • The Land of Nod 12-page book with laminated cover;
  • About Bunnies 14-page book with laminated cover;
  • The Frog Who Would 14-page book with laminated cover;
  • Photo Tutorial is found on the printie CD and here: pc1is008 ~ Beatrix Potter Children's Library

What you need to have on hand: 2" wide x 1/16" thick balsa wood for the bookcase and craft paint to paint.

Optional items you might need for plates: Use your own dishes as slugs for decoupage; has them. Use a 1" paper punch for perfect shapes. Click here for the plate shapers/embossers website (there isn't a business arrangement between us):

These Beatrix Potter works are out of copyright and in the public domain in the United States. Every effort has been taken to avoid the use of selected characters that may be trademarked to products by domestic or international companies. Copyrights may still apply in other countries.



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