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 1" Dollhouse Scale (1:12)
 Pre-Printed, Easy Kits
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sizes of miniatures are given in millimeters for accuracy.
For your information 1"=25.4 mm

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1 inch scale book: Hitty, Her First Hundred Years

b1is007a ~ Hitty, Her First Hundred Years Book

Discontinued. Click here to see the version that is more suited for the authentic-sized Hitty doll.


1 inch scale books: Books for the Christmas Holidays

Pre-printed Kit

b1is016 ~ Books for the Christmas Holidays
  • The Night Before Christmas
  • The Tall Book of Christmas
  • Charles Dickens’ The Christmas Carol

Sizes: 20mmwx25mmhx6mmd (largest book)

Description:  This terrific vintage Christmas classic trio of books includes laminated covers for each. All three books have been re-typeset to enable reading with a magnifier. The Night Before Christmas has 14 panels, The Tall Book has 14 panels. The Christmas Carol has the original illustrations from the 1st edition and the text as been abridged by Ann Lenore Vanture to fit this small volume.


1 inch scale book: My Little Dolls’ Scrapbook in 5 languages

Pre-printed Kit

b1is019 ~ My Little Dolls’ Scrapbook
Book Cover Art in Dutch, English, French, German or Spanish
Compiled by Ann Lenore Vanture 

Description: Vintage-look scrapbook with silk tie and cover art for Dutch, English, French, German or Spanish languages. Book contains 18 “worn” pages, pretty end boards and 46 gloss mini-clippings. The mini-clippings to paste into the album are of: antique dolls, vintage dolls, stars and their dolls, girls and their dolls,  and vintage paper dolls. Book cover is laminated for safe-keeping and 100% silk ribbon is included.


1 inch scale book: Mother Goose Rhymes, 1915

Pre-printed Kit

b1is009a ~ Mother Goose Rhymes, 1915 edition
Arranged and Edited by Eulalie Osgood Grover
Illustrated by Frederick Richardson (abridged version)


Description:  Volume has a reinforced cover, laminated box sleeve, dust cover, end boards, title page and 27 luscious illustrated pages. The text and illustrations of this little jewel have been faithfully recreated, and the text has been newly typeset at a tiny size in Bernhard and Baker Signet fonts.


Pre-printed Kit

bc1is012~ The Real Mother Goose
Illustrated by Blanche Fisher Wright, 1916
 23mmwx6mmdx29mmh (box ), 21mmwx8mmdx28mmh
Number of Pieces: cover, illustrated front and back end boards,  26 illustrated pages, dust jacket, and laminated box sleeve

Description: This is a miniature of the original Blanche Fisher Wright's The Real Mother Goose. Selected rhymes and illustrations make up this lovely book of the work both my daughter and I were raised on.  As with all Paper Minis books, the rhymes have all been meticulously re-typeset at a tiny point size. 


1" scale: My1st Picture Book & Alpha Stack Boxes

Pre-printed Kit

b1is002 ~ My First Picture Book and Alpha Stack Boxes
Written & Illustrated by Joseph Martin Kronheim (1875)
Size: 22mmx29mmx7mm (book), 14mmx14mmx14mm (largest stack box)
Number of Pieces: Laminated book cover, 18 2-sided pages with book end boards, dust jacket, laminated box sleeve for book plus 5 nesting alphabet boxes.

Description: Reproduction book consists of all the original illustrations and full text typeset in a unique format specifically for miniaturization. The nesting boxes’ are a unique Paper Minis creation showcasing Kronheim’s alphabet drawings. Stories are all "Mother Goose" type stories such as: The Little Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe, The Babes in the Woods, Little Bo Peep, and more. The illustrations have been restored to their original beauty and vibrancy. 


1 inch scale book: Children's Object Book w/fold out pages

Pre-printed Kit

bc1is001 ~ Children's Object Book (circa 1880)
20.5mm x 27.5mm (cover)
Pieces: 9 two-sided fold-out pages (18 printed pages), end boards, book cover, dust cover and laminated box sleeve

Description: The actual human-scale book was published in England circa 1880. This is one of the more beautifully illustrated children's books I have ever seen and is one of my all time favorites. The artwork has been digitally enhanced to reflect the original 1880’s beautiful color, and the pages actually fold-out to double the size of the book. Pages are designed for clarity of detail and color on both sides. Artistic license was taken to recreate a dust jacket, and the end boards are enhanced versions.


dollhouse scale Blue-Beard Pantomime Toy Book

Pre-printed Kit

bc1is002 ~ Blue-Beard Pantomime Toy Book 
McLoughlin Bro's., N.Y. (circa 1890)
Original engineering by Ann Lenore Vanture

40mm x 27mm (cover)
Pieces: Laminated cover, end boards, dust jacket, 3 pull-out tab pages, 12 pages total including typeset ballad of The Story of Blue Beard

Description: This is a reproduction mini-book version of a very popular McLoughlin Brother's book about the colorful Pirate named Blue-Beard. The text of the story has been completely typeset in a Garamond typeface at a very tiny but readable point size. Different fine art papers have been used to create this moving-parts book and get the most out of the design at such a small size. Some liberty was taken with the McLoughlin's design in order to accomplish the task of shrinking it to 1:12 scale. Please note the pull-out tabs change the content of a page's window in the book.


dollhouse scale The Circus Procession Fold-out Book

Pre-printed Kit

bc1is003 ~ The Circus Procession Fold-out Book
McLoughlin Bro's., N.Y. (circa 1890)
Original Engineering by Ann Lenore Vanture

40mmw x 27mmh (cover), 12-panel procession unfolds to 49 cm (19.5”)

Description: A miniature version of the human-scale McLoughlin Brothers’ Publishing fold-out book of an entire circus procession. Book includes a laminated cover with tie ribbon, end boards, title page and a 12-panel fold-out procession. All panels have been meticulously cleaned and enhanced to restore original color and detail. The text of the story-poem has been completely typeset in a Geo Slab typeface to match the original book's typesetting.


World's smallest pop-up The International Circus Pop-Up Book

The International Circus Pop-Up Book with book sleeve

Pre-printed Kit

bc1is009 ~ The International Circus Pop-Up Book
by Lothar Meggendorfer (1887)
Published by J. F. Schreiber, Esslingen, Germany
Original Engineering by Ann Lenore Vanture

Size: 22mmw x 31mmh x 8mmd (box cover)
Pieces: Laminated box sleeve, 10 illustrated panels, 5 pop-up features and spares.

Description: This may very well be the world's smallest pop-up book. After much research, the smallest pop-up book currently available is Mr. Frumble, by Richard Scarry and is recorded at 3" square--and this International Circus is about 1"x.75"!!  Many adjustments were made to make this a working volume and is still fairly easy to make. The box sleeve is a novelty that did not come with the original book, but is a collage of vintage circus posters.


dollhouse boox

Foldout Book of a Victorian Dollhouse cover

Pre-printed Kit

Redesign March 2019
bc1is301a ~ The Paper Minis'
Foldout Book of a Victorian Dollhouse 
designed and compiled by Ann Vanture
Size: 23mmw x 32mmh x 4.5mmd (cover), 23mmw x 25mmh (text page)
Number of Pieces: Laminated cover, 4 foldout rooms with flooring, 100% silk tie ribbon.

Description: This book is an homage to all the dollhouses of the Victorian era. The images are a collage of a variety of photos taken of old dollhouse rooms, then manipulated to work as walls and floors. The book's cover (front and back) is an edited photo of an antique dollhouse. When tied back at a 360 degrees you will have a living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen--with a built-in meat locker above the kitchen.


Dollhouse scale book: Ballad of the Lost Hare

Dollhouse scale book: Ballad of the Lost Hare sample page

Pre-printed Kit

bc1is004 ~ Ballad of the Lost Hare
by Margaret Sidney
Published/Created: Boston, D. Lothrop c1882

35mm x 25mm (cover)
Number of Pieces: Laminated cover, 2 end boards, 24 full-color pages, 1 dust jacket and laminated box sleeve

Description: This is a reproduction mini book version of a darling antique children's book, replete with all the original illustrations. Much time was spent bringing life back to the aged and damaged pages. Gone are the faded colors, stains, rips, nicks, and overall discoloring so you can enjoy this treasure of a book as it was when first published. I wanted to stay true to the original full-sized antique edition--right down to the deep brown colored text executed in a retro-style Garamond font. It was truly a challenge to re-typeset, for the original typesetter was incredibly creative with the text layout. Probably my second favorite mini book.


Dollhouse Scale of McLoughlin Bros. Railroad Story Book

Pre-printed Kit

bc1is005 ~ The Railroad Story Book

McLoughlin Bros. Publishing, circa 1907
27mm x 20mm (cover)
Number of Pieces: 1 laminated cover, 2 end boards, 1 dust jacket, 16 full-color pages.
Description: This miniature rendition has been newly typeset using an appropriate font face titled Goudy Old Style, and the text layout is almost identical to the original full-sized book. The illustrations have been scrubbed and color enhanced to it’s original beauty. The text and illustrations have been laid out on a faux aged patina to give it the rich and warm look of an antique. The back cover and title page were rendered using illustrations from an older McLoughlin Brothers' book titled The Railroad ABC Picture Book (circa 1898), so some artistic license was taken to enhance the original volume.


1 inch scale book: Tales from the Arabian Nights

Pre-printed Kit

bc1is304 ~ Tales from the Arabian Nights

Retold by Shirley Goulden
Illustrated by Benvenuti

Illustrations from the 1958 Italian printing
Size: 21.689mmw x 30.063mmh x 7.5mmd

This book has been taken from my very own childhood collection, and therefore one of my favorite miniatures to-date. The illustrations are quite outstanding, and so memorable that my sister described many of them from memory recently! This is a large format children's book and it has been scaled perfectly. Therefore, the size is slightly larger than the average mini-book. The original volume has three stories and this edition has the two best. The book cover is lined, end boards are included as is a dust jacket and laminated storage box sleeve (not shown).

we look and see

Pre-printed Kit

b1is027 ~ The New We Look and See

Written by William S. Gray, A. Sterl Artley
and May Hill Arbuthnot
Illustrated by Eleanor Campbell

Size: 25mmh x 20mmw x 9mmd

Description: Most of us Baby Boomers have a soft spot for the Dick, Jane, Sally and Spot books we used in school to learn to read in the 1950s and 1960s. However, the first of the series actually was copyright in 1930. Many years later in 1956 the Scott, Foresman and Company printed The New We Look and See, which includes all the familiar characters you may remember. I hope this volume will bring back pleasant memories for you. Though the original was a cloth binding, this kit comes with hard binding, dust jacket and laminated storage sleeve box. Printed photo-tutorial is included.

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