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 Classic II Collection
 Pre-printed, Easy Kits

1" Dollhouse Scale (1:12)
Classic II book club sample page    
Sample Pages from Collection
The Classic II Book-of-the-Month Club subscription consists of 24 easy-to-make, DIY 1:12 dollhouse scale pre-printed kits. The pages are as beautiful as the sample here because of the expensive high-tech paper and print technology used to make these kits. The books are all vintage in nature and span fine art, naturalist art and children's illustrated story books. Each volume is sturdily bound and possesses a dust jacket and laminated box sleeve to help keep it tidy in your mini bookcase. Text has been typeset in a classic serif font and is readable!
Most designs are very easy to assemble, nevertheless each book comes with a printed photo tutorial. Note: sizes of miniatures are given in millimeters for accuracy. For your information 1"=25.4 mm.


1" scale: My1st Picture Book & Alpha Stack Boxes

Click here for description

My First Picture Book and
Alpha Stack Boxes, 1875

Month 1

1 inch scale books: The Glad Book & Myths & Enchantment Tales 

Click here for description

The Glad Book and
 Myths and Enchantment Tales

Month 2

1 inch scale book: Costumes of All Nations 

Click here for description

Costumes of All Nations, 1889

Month 3

1 inch scale book: Witch's Book of Potions and Incantations 

Click here for description 

The Witch’s Book of Potions & Incantations

Month 4

1 inch scale book: Book of Shadows 

Click here for description

The Book of Shadows

Month 5

1 inch scale books: Books for the Christmas Holidays 

Click here for description

Books for the Christmas Holidays

  • The Night Before Christmas
  • The Tall Book of Christmas
  • Charles Dickens’ The Christmas Carol

Month 6

1 inch scale book: 1929 McCall's Magazine 

Click here for description 

McCall's Magazine Selections
from the June 1929 Issue

Month 7

1 inch scale book: My Little Dolls’ Scrapbook in 5 languages 

Click here for description

My Little Dolls’ Scrapbook Book Cover Art Available in Dutch, English,
French, German or Spanish

Month 8

Dollhouse scale book: Ballad of the Lost Hare 

Dollhouse scale book: Ballad of the Lost Hare sample page 

Click here for description

Ballad of the Lost Hare, circa 1882

Month 9

Beatrix Potter sampler 

Dollhouse book: Potters, Mrs. Tittlemouse, Tom Kitten, Timmy Tiptoes 

Click here for description (set 1)

Boxed 3-book set of Beatrix Potter books
The Tale of Mrs. Tittlemouse
The Tale of Tom Kitten
The Tale of Timmy Tiptoes
and laminated storage box

Month 10

Dollhouse scale Tale of Ginger and Pickles

Dollhouse scale Tale of Johnny Town-Mouse 

Dollhouse scale Tale of the Pie and the Patty Pan 

Click here for description (set 2)

Boxed 3-Book Set of Beatrix Potter
Tale of Ginger and Pickles
Tale of Johnny Town-Mouse
Tale of the Pie and the Patty Pan
and laminated storage box

Month 11

1 inch scale book: Postal First Issue Album 

Click here for description

Postal First Day Issue Album

Month 12

1 inch scale book: Family Photo Album in 5 Languages 

Click here for description

Vintage Family Photo
Album in Five Languages

Month 13

1 inch scale book: Prayers by Robert Louis Stevenson 

Click here for description

Prayers by Robert Louis Stevenson, 1910

Month 14

  1 inch scale book: 21 California Missions

Click here for description

21 Missions.
The Original 21 California Missions

Month 15

1 inch scale book: Beautiful Castles of the World 

Click here for description

Beautiful Castles of the World. Laminated
storage box comes with this volume.

Month 16

1 inch scale book: 19th Century Maritime Paintings 

1 inch scale Boxed set of Old World Landmarks 

Click here for description

A Collection of 19th Century Maritime
Shown in laminated storage box.

Month 17

1 inch scale book: A Floral Fantasy in an Old English Garden 

Click here for description

A Floral Fantasy in an
Old English Garden, 1899

Month 18

dollhouse scale Blue-Beard Pantomime Toy Book 

Click here for description

lue-Beard Pantomime Toy Book,
McLoughlin Bro's., circa 1980

Month 19

Dollhouse scale Walter Crane's Baby's Opera

Dollhouse scale Walter Crane's Baby's Bouquet 


Click here for description

Walter Crane's Boxed 3-Book
Set of Baby Books:

Baby's Own Opera
Baby's Own Bouquet
Baby's Own Aesop
and laminated storage box

Month 20

White House China Books

White House China Display Box 

Click here for description

United States White House China,
Volumes 1 and 2
Includes paper plates for display.

Month 21

Dollhouse Scale Rackham's English Fairy Tales 

Click here for description

Book 1 in Fairy tale set:
English Fairy Tales, 1918

Month 22

Stories from Hans Christian Andersen and Dulac 

Click here for description

Book 2 in fairy tale set. Stories from
Hans Christian Andersen, c1911

Month 23

Dollhouse scale My Very Own Fairy Stories by Gruelle

3-book boxed set of Fairy Tales 

Click here for description

Book 3 in fairy tale set.
My Very Own Fairy Stories, 1917
Includes laminated storage box

Month 24


 Subscription Information
 and Sign-Up
Sign-up for a 24-month subscription of DIY kits by using the following button to start your subscription. Each book comes with a printed photo tutorial and is very easy to assemble.  None of the pre-printed Paper Minis products need to be sealed or sprayed. For your information the printed surfaces have been tested under running water and allowed to air dry. The print surface is colorfast and does not run. This is important to know if you want to "antique" your Paper Mini. However, be careful to not unnecessarily saturate, which will cause a slight ripple in the paper surface.

Each miniature Paper Minis™  book is individually printed to achieve an unparalleled level of color and print quality on the finest papers.   The miniature detail is so defined the signature thimble is placed in each photo as proof of scale. 


Having trouble placing an order?
Please contact

Classic II book club
pre-printed kits for 24 months
$7.50 each month*


This is a 24-month commitment to match the value price, please complete your subscription. I promise you the quality of each issue is as great as it appears in all the photos. If your subscription is cancelled by you or PayPal, please contact me at for help or to discuss your options. If I don't hear from you within the week of cancellation, I'll consider you disinterested and must add you to the DNS list. Thank you in advance, 

Holds all the Classic II Books

Pre-Print Kit

Requires: 3" wide (preferably 4" wide) x 1/16" thick balsa wood
bc725 ~ Classic II Dollhouse Bookcase
43mm deep, 77mm wide, 152mm tall (approximately 6" tall). Each shelf area is about 36mm or almost 1.5".

Description: Wood core bookcase designed to hold The Classic II collection of miniature books. The house is an assemblage of antique doll house features and textures. The wall coverings are from the Paper Minis portfolio of wallpaper designs. Of course the 'bookcase' can double as a miniature dollhouse. Some patience/experience required to assemble. Pre-printed coverings, and patterns included. The photo tutorial is found at the on-line at the Paper Minis tutorial library. Go directly to the tutorial by clicking here.

House offered as completion bonus for
sign-ups  during March 2018 only 

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