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 Classic I Collection
 Pre-printed, Easy Kits

1" Dollhouse Scale (1:12)
   Sample Pages of Classic I Book Club 
Sample Pages from Collection

The Classic I book-of-the-Month Club subscription consists of 24 easy-to-make, DIY 1:12 dollhouse scale pre-printed kits. The pages are as beautiful as the sample here because of the expensive high-tech paper and print technology used to make these kits.

The books are all vintage in nature and span fine art, naturalist art and children's illustrated story books. Each volume is sturdily bound and possesses a dust jacket and laminated box sleeve to help keep it tidy in your mini bookcase.

The books are very easy to assemble, nevertheless each book comes with a printed photo tutorial. Note: sizes of miniatures are given in millimeters for accuracy. For your information 1"=25.4 mm


1 inch scale book: Sample Fruit and Floral Botanicals

1 inch scale book: Fruit & Floral Botanicals from 16th-19th century

Click here for description

A Compilation of Fruit and Floral
Botanicals. Illustrations From the
16th to the 19th Century

Month 1

1 inch scale book: Sample Ornithological prints

1 inch scale book: Ornithological prints from 18th & 19th Centuries

Click here for description

A Compilation of Ornithological
Lithographs and Engravings From the
18th & 19th Centuries

Month 2

1 inch scale book: sample animal prints

1 inch scale book: Schubert's Animal Kingdom

Click here for description 

Schubert’s Animal Kingdom Illustrated
During the late 19th Century

Month 3

1 inch scale book: Mother Goose Rhymes, 1915

Click here for description

Mother Goose Rhymes, 1915 edition

Month 4

1 inch scale book: Children's Object Book w/fold out pages

Click here for description

Children's Object Book,  circa 1880

Month 5

dollhouse scale The Circus Procession Fold-out Book

Click here for description

The Circus Procession Fold-out
Book, circa 1890

Month 6

1 inch scale book: Vintage Ladies' Hat Sampler

Click here for description

Ladies' Hat Sampler Book

Month 7

1 inch scale book: The Delineator Magazine for Women

Click here for description

The Delineator Magazine for Women
Selections from November 1901 Issue
and various other issues

Month 8

1 inch scale book: 300 Years of Fashion

Boxed set of Vintage Women's books in 1 inch scale

Click here for description

300 Years of Fashion (1700-2000)
includes storage box

Month 9

1 inch scale book: Sample book of hours pages

1 inch scale book: Duke of Berry Book of Hours

Click here for description

Les Très Riches Heures du Jean,
Duc de Berry, Abridged, 1413

Month 10

1 inch scale book: Samples from The Unicorn Tapestries

1 inch scale book: The Unicorn Tapestries

Click here for description

The Unicorn Tapestries: The Lady and The
Unicorn and The Hunt for The Unicorn

Month 11

1 inch scale book: The Tory Book of Hours

Click here for description

The Illuminations of The Tory Book of Hours

Month 12

Dollhouse scale The Grimm's Fairy Tales

Click here for description

The Grimm's Fairy Tales, circa 1902

Month 13

Dollhouse scale Fairy Tales of All Nations

Click here for description

Fairy Tales of All Nations, 1910

Month 14

  Foldout Book of a Victorian Dollhouse cover

1" scale  Foldout Book of a Victorian Dollhouse

Click here for description 

The Paper Minis' Foldout Book
of a Victorian Dollhouse

Month 15

Sample pages from Mother and Child

1 inch scale book: Collection fo Mother and Child

Click here for description

A Collection of Mother & Child Portraits

Month 16

1 inch scale book: Still Life Paintings

Click here for description

A Collection of Still Life Paintings

Month 17

1 inch scale book: Archangels, Angels and Cherubs

Click here for description

Archangels, Angels and
Cherubs through the Ages

Month 18

1" scale: Raggedy Ann and Andy boxed book set

Dollhouse book: Raggedy Ann Stories

Click here for description

Raggedy Ann Stories, Raggedy
Andy Stories, and The Camel with
The Wrinkled Knees and storage box

Month 19

1 inch scale book: Vintage Travel Emblem Album

Click here for description

My Childhood stamp colleciton

Click here for description

My Childhood Stamp Collection and
Our Travels Abroad Vintage Emblem Album

Month 20

Macao et Cosmage

Click here for description

Macao et Cosmage. ou L'Experience de
Bonheur Published in Paris Aux Editions
de la Nouvelle Revue Francaise, (1919)

Month 21

Click here for description

The Real Mother Goose, 1916

Month 22

1 inch scale book: Tales from the Arabian Nights

Click here for description

Tales from the Arabian Nights, 1958

Month 23

1 inch scale book: The Buckle My Shoe Picture

Click here for description

The Buckle My Shoe Picture Book

Month 24


 Subscription Information
 and Sign-Up
Sign-up for a 24-month subscription of DIY kits by using the following button to start your subscription. Each book comes with a printed photo tutorial and is very easy to assemble.  None of the pre-printed Paper Minis products need to be sealed or sprayed. For your information the printed surfaces have been tested under running water and allowed to air dry. The print surface is colorfast and does not run. This is important to know if you want to "antique" your Paper Mini. However, be careful to not unnecessarily saturate, which will cause a slight ripple in the paper surface.

Each miniature Paper Minis™  book is individually printed to achieve an unparalleled level of color and print quality on the finest papers.   The miniature detail is so defined the signature thimble is placed in each photo as proof of scale. 


Having trouble placing an order?
Please contact

Classic I book club
pre-printed kits for 24 months
$7.50 each month*


This is a 24-month commitment to match the value price, please complete your subscription. I promise you the quality of each issue is as great as it appears in all the photos. If your subscription is cancelled by you or PayPal, please contact me at for help or to discuss your options. If I don't hear from you within the week of cancellation, I'll consider you disinterested and must add you to the DNS list. Thank you in advance, 

Pre-Print Kit

Requires: 3"wide x 1/16" balsa wood
House cannot be made without the balsa wood

bc526 ~ Classic I Collection Dollhouse Bookcase
77mm wide x 40mm deep x 165mm tall (approximately 6.5" tall).
Rooms are approximately 36mm / 1.5" high.
Fit for books found in the Classic I Collection of books

Description: This unusual and lovely desktop dollhouse bookcase kit has a wood core engineered for strength and covered with beautifully colored pre-printed and pre-sized paper covering. The bookcase is designed specifically for the Classic I Collection Book-of-the-Month Club, but can be used as a mini scale doll's house. Pre-printed coverings, and patterns included. The photo tutorial is found at the on-line at the Paper Minis tutorial library. Go directly to the tutorial by clicking here.

House offered as completion bonus for
sign-ups during March 2018 only

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