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 1" Dollhouse Scale (1:12)
 Pre-Printed, Easy Kits
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sizes of miniatures are given in millimeters for accuracy.
For your information 1"=25.4 mm

See on-line Tutorial Library in menu, or see product hang tag.

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dollhouse contemporary text books and reference books

Pre-printed Kit: $3.50

a1is002a ~  Classroom Text and Reference Books
Size: 23mmx32mmx4mm (largest book)

Description: Two Contemporary textbooks and two reference books. Also included in the kit are two contemporary high-school student report cards. The body of each book is actually a box made to look like a stack of inner pages. The first page is "texted" and illustrated so that you may stage the book in a slightly opened position to create a realistic look.

dollhouse Contemporary Classroom Calendar

Pre-printed Kit: $2.98

a1is002b ~  Contemporary Classroom Calendar
Size: 29mmx49mm (calendar)

Description: This 12-page contemporary calendar is an actual working calendar and each month's digital graphic is of an American national historic landmark – from Mount Rushmore to Monticello.  Calendar is bound at the top spine to make it a "working" calendar.

dollhouse Classroom Notebooks & Folders

dollhouse airplanes

Pre-printed Kit:

a1is002c ~ Classroom Notebooks & Folders
17mmx23mm (composition notebooks)

Description: Three 2-pocket hip loose-leaf folders covered in eye-snapping mod graphics and enough 2-sided lined faux drilled paper pages. Next are three tear-out paper notebooks and plenty of 2-sided lined faux drilled paper pages.  No school backpack is complete without the ubiquitous Composition Notebooks, 3 notebooks in standard black and "cool" colors along with 2-sided lined curved-corner paper pages. As a bonus a paper jet and airplane are include.

dollhouse student desk items and filled pencil box

Pre-printed Kit: $4.25

a1is002d ~ Classroom Desk Items
22mmx28mm (coloring book)
Pieces: Coloring book (4 2-sided pages), pencil box, crayon box with 6 crayons (plus 1 for practice), 4 computer diskettes, 6 mod pencils, 6 standard yellow pencils (plus 1 for practice), 10-page yellow notepad, 6 color pencils

Description: Contemporary student desk items, but with a nostalgic twist. Can you recall getting that fresh new pencil box right before the first day of school?! This one comes with everything including crayons and coloring book and the almost modern computer diskettes. 

dollhouse Classroom Anatomy Wall Charts

Pre-printed Kit: $2.98

a1is002e ~ Classroom Anatomy Wall Charts
40mmwx61mmh (charts)

Description: Seven real and typeset school room wall charts of the human body's systems. Charts include: the digestive system, the respiratory system, the muscle system, the skeletal system, the circulatory system, the brain, the tongue, the heart and the ear.

dollhouse Classroom Wall Maps

Pre-printed Kit: $2.98

a1is002f ~ Classroom Wall Maps
Approximately 75mmhx100mmw (each)

Description: Great contemporary classroom wall maps of  the World Map and the  U.S.A.  Hang maps from a rod to emulate a pull-down reference, or tack to classroom wall.  Each item is to scale, yet all the detail is there and legible and beautiful high-end papers.

dollhouse Vintage Tissue Sewing Patterns with Envelopes

Pre-printed Kit: $4.98

a1is005 ~ Vintage Sewing Patterns with Envelopes
2mmx15mm (pattern envelope)
Note: patterns are not to scale and will not make into a 1:12 doll outfit.

Description: Three (3) sewing patterns and six illustrated envelopes make up a collection great for any vintage sewing room. The Cosmopolitan Fashion Model Paper Pattern Co.'s name was borrowed to make these pretend sets along with true antique fashion sketches and Delineator illustrations. The pattern panels are reproductions of actual antique pattern pieces and printed on tissue style paper, as you can see by their transparency in the photo.

dollhouse set of 6 Bolts of Sewing Fabric

Pre-printed Kit: $4.98

a1is006 ~ Bolts of Sewing Fabric, Set of Six
Each bolt is 41mm in height

Description: Six printed cardboard bolts for cotton fabric and 6 strips of coordinated fabrics. A perfect addition to the Paper Minis sewing collection. Fabric prints will vary.

dollhouse Vintage Sewing Notions Set 1

Pre-printed Kit: $3.50

a1is007a~Vintage Sewing Notions Set 1
23mmwx33mml (faux embroidery samplers)

Description: The two reproduction samplers are from English sisters Ann and Caroline Massey circa 1800. The kit also includes: authentic two-sided Corticelli thread advertisement cards; two notion cards –  snaps and buttons; tape measure is to-scale in inches and laminated; six bias tape packets are designed from an authentic antique label. As they are, the look is very real with the labels separate from the bias tape card, but if you prefer you may take 1/16" ribbon (not included) and wrap the cards before adhering the labels. Selected items have been laminated for durability and realism.

dollhouse Vintage Sewing Notions Set 2

Pre-printed Kit: $3.50

a1is007b~Vintage Sewing Notions Set 2 
4mmwx6mmh (thread spool)

Description: Corticelli company was a big name in the industry years ago, and they certainly didn't scrimp on artwork! Much of it is used here. The cute dog painting is used here as the kit's focal point on the thread storage box (the box is partially lined). The spools are constructed to give you some flexibility, you may leave as is with fake thread or wind some real thread over the spools. Note the authentic spool labels, and the two authentic works of art for the needle cases. Selected items have been laminated for durability and realism.

Dollhouse Beautiful Lidded and Lined Boxes

Pre-printed Kit: $3.25

a1is007c ~ Beautiful Boxes 
Size: 30mmx21mmx16mmh

Description: Three beautiful boxes adorned with vintage art. The first is known as the Yvonne box and is completely lined with a ‘hinge' lid. The second is a sewing basket and it also is lined with a 'hinge' lid. Last is the Blue Bird Box. The box portion is partially lined with a false box bottom with a lace doily for candy makers. Also included is a panel of printed bon-bons for you non-candy makers, which you may use clear dimensional paint to give the candy dimension.

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